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Djordy Ritskes

Hello, my name is djordy ritskes; this course is the property of i.

Two years ago, i started an activity as a self-employed worker in the marketing sector. Back then, when people asked what i was doing for work, i said:  i am a marketing specialist, and i help other companies improve their revenue. This was basically how i identified myself. For me, this never felt good. Because i am no self-employed person, nor marketing specialist and in reality i do not work with/for companies.

As i gained more knowledge about what it means to work in private, my perspective and feelings towards the work i was doing changed. It’s hard to explain in words. But i started looking at what i’m actually doing. I am simply a man, who sometimes spends his time working for other men/women. They have a company and i, as a man, help them gain more revenue for their company. Because of my experience in the marketing sector, i can create online advertising campaigns to make the right connection between those i work for and men/women who would be potentially interested in the service they offer.

Because i started speaking and thinking this way, i felt more connected to myself, my real self. 

When i was registered as a self-employed worker, i was concerned about money, business, taxes, investments, shares, getting more money, and becoming independent of that ‘working system’.

Now in private it feels to me that i have stepped out of this, out of that cycle of thinking and way of living. Now i don’t have to answer to anyone and i can keep all the compensation i receive, i don’t think the time and energy that i spend working should be taxable.

A whole ‘burden’ has been lifted from my shoulders, now that i live from this state of being. For me, it feels like a phase-out from the working society.

Now, i am certainly not where i would like to be, but it feels good to go on with this new way of thinking and living. 

Once i integrated the concept of working in the private, i decided to create this course and bring this knowledge to the world.


Shannon Ford

Hey, great to see you here. I believe that things come into your life when you’re ready and in need of them. This happend to me just when I was stuck at work. Djordy emailed me asking if I could help him with this course, and i said yes! I assisted him in recording the course. If you’re are here, it might be because you’ve been drawn to it from your deeper self. Feel if this is the path you want to walk; it has given me a lot of new insights.

Marc Peycker

Sovereignty has been at the core of my preoccupations, reflections and endeavors for a really long time. Helping people to find their own is also at the core of my activity.

We live in such a heavily controlled and manipulated reality ; control comes at us from every angle, and has been weighing upon humanity like a heavy burden. i believe it can truly be considered enslavement. i have always been highly sensitive to that tyranny, and have become aware of its depth and manifold subtleties at a young age.


And so, it has been a constant quest for me to find ways to liberate ourselves from these many layers. Since my approach of life is primarily on the spiritual side, i have chosen to focus on the invisible aspects of the control matrix, and have developed an activity based on energy work, multidimensional communication and rememberance of our true nature. That activity is being expressed through coaching sessions, workshops, retreats and courses.

Still, i am sensitive to the expression of sovereignty in the societal construct, and have been looking for ways to interface with that construct as a sovereign being, as much as possible. There are many approaches on offer, which can make it difficult to discern and navigate that field ; but when Djordy asked me whether i would be interested to participate in his online course, i felt an immediate « yes ! ». i didn’t just accept to support him as a friend, but also because i find the approach he based his method on to be quite solid, simple, practical, straightforward and reliable. « Based », as they say these days. If you decide to give it a try, i believe you will find it truly helpful at a spiritual, psychological and practical level.

So… onward and forward !