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The purpose of this online course is to share knowledge on how to work in the private as a man/woman; creating an account confirms your acceptance to the agreement and laws of i;

The agreement:


i, make this agreement of my own free will; i, choose to establish this agreement between i, and the man, djordy ritskes;

i, agree to be responsible for my own actions and for the consequences of how i apply any of the knowledge i gain here;

i, understand that i only have access to course content as a man/woman and that any attempt and action from a legal or personal position within this website is prohibited; where no man or woman is harmed. In the event that i act with the aim of starting an investigation within this website (against djordy ritskes and other members). i am liable in my own and personal name to pay compensation under this agreement, in the amount of €100,000 plus €100/day the trespass continues;

i, agree not to share, copy and reproduce, or sell any of the property offered here, without first obtaining the explicit written consent of the man who did create it;

i, agree that this agreement will remain in effect even after i, have deleted my account;

i, attest that i have read, understood and accepted the above and the laws, by checking: ‘i accept to make this agreement; as my digital endorsement of this agreement’.’ 

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