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Laws of the property of i;

This website and course are the property of i, djordy ritskes, a man; i hereby claim the creations of everything within Business to Private as the property of i;

The laws below apply once you consent to the agreement, please read the agreement carefully;

i can only speak to you, a man or woman;

When you are here, you are in private as a man or woman;

If you give compensation or a donation to i, you do so as a man or woman in the private; i will then share the property of i, with you; all exchanges are final and non-refundable;

You are not committing to anything when creating an account; i do not send marketing emails; the course is on an ‘as is’ basis; should there be any changes in the future, i would inform you by email;

i am committed to protecting your privacy to the best of my ability; i use plugins that protect your data as best as can; i do make use of tracking software on this website; when creating an account you allow i, to store personal data;

You can request a copy of any information that i, hold about you; you can also request that i, delete your information;

It is my responsibility that the knowledge i, share is ‘true’; how you apply the knowledge in your life is your responsibility;

i have the right to change the laws if i wish; i, will notify you in advance, and you will be able to close your account if you do not agree to the changes.

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