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Let me explain in more detail what kind of knowledge i share and what this course is about. I am no professional writer, i just tried to express this from within my own  self.

This course is designed for self-employed or employee workers seeking an alternative approach to work. You have probably not heard of this before: we as mankind can work in the private. We basically did back when there was no legal society, we simply exchanged/shared our energy/labour and/or property and that was it. There was no government (agency) involved to which we had to answer.

Should you nowadays want to work in the private, all you have to do is deregister yourself as a self-employee or change the contract you have with your employer, and simply work in the private as a man or woman.

The subject of public and private is quite broad; i focus on what is related to work. You are currently in the so-called ‘public’. This means that you have a contract stating that you have a company or that you work as an employee. You probably work under a title (marketeer, website builder…), but this title is not you. All titles that have been created within the legal society come with privileges, benefits, but also obligations. Is this bad? No. But if you have the desire to be free from the so-called work system…

…thenyou could ask yourself but also feel into the question, ‘does what i do really suit me?’

And if i take on a title, for example marketer, is this ‘what i really am’? And do i want to identify myself with this?

That’s exactly what happened to me; i worked as a marketer and was completely immersed in that world, i looked for every opportunity to get more money and growth, and tried to become independent of the working society and also to break free from that system.

Even though i mentioned that i was ‘self-employed’, deep down i knew that this was not me. All of this was outside myself.

If you identify with titles and things that are outside yourself, it can take you in a direction that does not suit your true self. When you work in the private, you let go of all those titles, it can feel like a phase-out. You will start to feel more what it is that you are actually doing in reality; because of this, you will become more authentic in your approach towards work.

It may still be difficult to feel right now, but if this course is meant for you, then maybe you’re getting more interested in wanting to know more and perhaps walk this path and apply this knowledge to your life.

As you saw on the homepage, in the private you can keep all the compensation you receive for the work/labour you are doing. 

This may sound new to you, but every man or woman has the right to work and be compensated for it, which is then theirs to keep. For now, i can’t explain this in more detail. But you can learn more about this subject in a video ( that you can watch once you have create an account).

‘Click here’ to see a list of all the activities that can be carried out in the private. This list applies to both self-employed and employed workers. Most remote activities that can be done for other self-employed people on a one-on-one basis or for other freelancers can be performed in the private. I tried to map out most of them; if yours is not displayed, please contact me.

This information is not widely available in the world. I tried my best to provide as much knowledge as i can upfront in order to make it clear for you what it entails and what it can bring you.

Should you be interested to know more or even want to buy this course, you can create an account for free to get access to an explanatory video. This video provides detailed insights and examples to help you visualize an even better picture of what this course has to offer. You will also find the course in your dashboard; you can buy it over there.

Djordy Ritskes.